Reconstruction of the department for premature babies of Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital

2016–2017 years


Winner Group Ukraine transferred three incubators SI-610-1 for newborn preterm infants to the hospital with a total cost of 52 thousand euros.

Reconstruction of the neonatal department

In June, the company donated two modern ambulances to the Hospital, and in early 2019 – a large-scale reconstruction of the neonatal department has started. It will be provided with the most modern equipment.

Lviv Regional Hospital project has a special historical significance for Winner. Parents of John Hynansky, the founder and CEO of Winner Group Ukraine, were born here in Western Ukraine, but were forced to leave homeland in the 1930s.


newborn infants with body weight from 500 g


A system of transportation of critically ill newborns was established


The hospital received the Ford Transit reanimoble from Winner


Two newest ambulances for premature babies were transferred to the Hospital

Modern equipment

Each year, more than 700 babies with body weight at birth from 500 g are treated in the Lviv Oblast Clinical Hospital’s intensive care unit. Patients are transferred from different obstetric hospitals in Lviv and the region. Transportation of babies should be safe and be carried out exclusively with the help of a professionally equipped vehicle. Last time such a vehicle was purchased in 2009, and today its mileage is already about 700 000 km.

“Our hospital has a 230-year history and has experienced more than one reorganization. At all times, only professionals worked in Lviv Hospital, and human life and health have always been the greatest values. However, the current conditions of work in the institution, in particular in the neonatological corps, require significant changes. Paint and plaster fall off the walls. Systems of automatic ventilation, sewerage, water supply and electricity are very outdated. They need to be replaced. In addition to repairing the hospital, it is in urgent need of the latest medical equipment. Therefore, we are expecting for the continuation of the charity project of Winner Group Ukraine with an incredible gratitude, “commented Mikhail Gichka, General Director of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.

Diary of the project

Visit to Dacha Center

Dacha is always glad to welcome guests

Green Office program launch

Green Office program was launched across the entire Winner Group Ukraine

Animal shelter visiting

More than 800 dogs and cats live in Gostomel Animal Shelter

Giving Tuesday with Winner

The first Giving Tuesday at Winner

Bar College of Transport and Construction

Winner supports young talents of the automotive industry

Traffic Challenge: 100 safety points

Winner for road safety

“Otchiy Dim” (Father's House)

Winner supported the elementary school for children living under “Otchiy Dim” care.

Dmytrivka Village Day

Winner supports its neighbors

Playground in Dmytrivka

Winner supports its neighbors

Caritas: School Backpack

Winner, our employees and CF Caritas packed 100 Winner school kits for kids

New Era Orchestra

In 2019, Winner supported the Orchestra for the second time.

Enactus Ukraine

Enactus is a student social projects competition

Tablets for graduates

Winner supports its neighbors

Formula Student KPI

Students from various faculties and courses of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute create a sports race car

Smart future

Winner supported charity IT school for children

Chestnut Run 2019

Winner became the main automotive partner of the Chestnut Run for the second time

Spring donor day

25 of our colleagues bacame blood donors

Winners' Camp

Winners' Camp for children cured of cancer

Relay Race For Good

An unforgettable March of good deeds!

WOW Kids Forum 2019

WOW Kids Forum gathered children from orphanages from all over Ukraine

First profession

Winner has been supporting this project for three years already.

Reconstruction has started!

On January 15, 2019, Winner signed an agreement announcing the beginning of reconstruction of Lviv Hospital neonatal department. The first stage of the reconstruction includes the creation of an architectural concept (sketch project).

Lviv Welcomes The Second Neonatal Reanimation Vehicle

On June 29, 2018, the second ceremonial handover of an intensive care ambulance from Winner Group Ukraine to the Lviv Regional Hospital took place. This reanimation vehicle was created using Ford Transit car fitted with vital medical equipment necessary for the transportation of newborns with high perinatal risk. This event marked another step in the context of charity cooperation between Winner and the Lviv Regional Hospital.

Winner Group Ukraine Provided Lviv Regional Hospital with Newborn Critical Care Transport

On March 30, the ceremonial handover of a neonatal reanimation vehicle from Winner Group Ukraine to the Lviv Regional Hospital took place. The Ford Transit intensive care ambulance is fitted with medical equipment necessary for the transportation of newborns with high perinatal risk. In this way, the company continues to keep up with its principles of social responsibility in Ukraine.