Lviv Welcomes The Second Neonatal Reanimation Vehicle

On June 29, 2018, the second ceremonial handover of an intensive care ambulance from Winner Group Ukraine to the Lviv Regional Hospital took place. This reanimation vehicle was created using Ford Transit car fitted with vital medical equipment necessary for the transportation of newborns with high perinatal risk. This event marked another step in the context of charity cooperation between Winner and the Lviv Regional Hospital.

The urgent need to have such unique rehabilitation vehicle is illustrated by the upsetting data: each year, more than 700 babies with a body weight as low as 500 grams are treated at the intensive newborns care department of the Lviv Regional Hospital.

The youngest patients from all over the Lviv region are transferred to this hospital, and their journey should be reliable, safe, free of sways and vibrations. Now Lviv doctors are able to provide these conditions thanks to the most advanced equipment installed in the vehicle, particularly an autonomous incubator with high-tech shock absorbers for longtime transportation of newborns. Ivan Hynansky, Founder, СЕО and Owner of Winner was joined by the Group’s General Director Petro Rondiak and the company’s board members to personally hand the car keys to Mykhailo Hychka, General Director of Lviv Regional Hospital. The Winner Group’s aid to Ukraine, notably the project of the renovation of the Lviv Hospital is of particular importance to Mr. Hynansky:

“I am very grateful to all the doctors and my team for this wonderful day! But first of all, I’m much obliged to my mother Kateryna Hynanska. It was thanks to her initiative and willpower that we moved to the United States many years ago. My parents were born here in Western Ukraine but were forced to leave their homeland in the 1930s. And now I can both help my motherland to make comprehensive changes, namely in child healthcare, and preserve the memory of my mother by naming the neonatal department of the Lviv Hospital in her honor. The corporate responsibility, specifically social charity causes, must become an integral part of every business that seeks to grow in a healthy, successful, rich and prosperous country”.

Winner’s long-term partners, charity organization “Kyiv Lions’ Club”, official Ford dealers ViDi Group and Velet Auto helped the Group to deliver the second reanimation vehicle.

These institution and businesses share Winner’s desire to introduce positive changes in the society and to help those in need.