Charity is Winner’s philanthropy and charity projects or projects supported by Winner management. It is focusing on three main goals: supporting children and youth, helping local communities, where Winner conducts business, and preserving Ukrainian culture.


Lviv Welcomes The Second Neonatal Reanimation Vehicle

On June 29, 2018, the second ceremonial handover of an intensive care ambulance from Winner Group Ukraine to the Lviv Regional Hospital took place. This reanimation vehicle was created using Ford Transit car fitted with vital medical equipment necessary for the transportation of newborns with high perinatal risk. This event marked another step in the context of charity cooperation between Winner and the Lviv Regional Hospital.

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Applications for charitable donations are accepted only from legal entities. Assistance to individuals is not provided directly nor through funds and other charitable organizations.

Your project concerns the following areas:

Children and youth

Assistance to local communities

Cultural heritage of Ukraine

Responsible automotive

Please note that Winner provides charity support in the following areas: children and youth in difficult circumstances; education and guidance for children and young people; assistance to local communities near Winner offices; preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, as well as projects on road safety, responsible use of the car and development of the automotive industry for the benefit of society.













Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity Committee, which consists of the Members of the Management Board of Winner Group Ukraine, reviews all requests on a quarterly basis from the 15th to the 30th of the last month of the quarter (March, June, September and December).
Within a week after the Committee meeting, you will receive a response in support or rejection of your application.

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