The first JAGUAR LAND ROVER arch ci dealer centres are opened


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● June 26th, 2018: Grand Opening of the first conceptual ARCH CI dealership Jaguar Land Rover Kiev Airport

● June 27th, 2018: Grand Opening of the conceptual ARCH CI dealership Jaguar Land Rover Kiev West

● Conceptual Jaguar Land Rover ARCH CI dealership already welcome their customers in the new facilities. New dealerships are built in accordance with the new ARCH CI design standards.

Jaguar Land Rover has developed a unique format of conceptual dealer centres. They are dual brand facilities hosting the legendary British brands Jaguar and Land Rover. The building is a reflection of a new generation of dealerships, which will also open in the largest Ukrainian cities by the end of 2018, and will fully transform Jaguar Land Rover dealer network in Ukraine. By the end of 2018 three conceptual Jaguar Land Rover ARCH CI dealerships will start working in Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Drive-in area is one of the Jaguar Land Rover dealerships peculiarities. Drive-in area is the territory where the customer handovers the car in a covered and comfortable place straight to the service. Along with the Drive-in area, there is an immediate interactive reception zone, where each customer has an opportunity to be involved in his car diagnostics. The main purpose of the interactive reception is to detect all visible damages and apparent malfunctions of the car, as well as agree with the customer on the necessity to fix them.

In addition to special service areas, customers of each dealer centre can enjoy the atmosphere of the exquisite British style in the showroom that includes 7 Jaguars and 7 Land Rovers (Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport) or 5 Jaguars and 5 Land Rovers (for Jaguar Land Rover Kiev West). Comfort in the showroom is exclusively created by reserved and premium materials - glass and nut tree, genuine leather embody the latest design concept and elegant British style. Showrooms are divided into two parts for cars exposition of both respective brands. The space around cars allows them to 'breathe', and specially designed lighting emphasizes their uniqueness.

Another Jaguar Land Rover conceptual centres’ feature is cars’ personalization studio with trim and colour samples, accessories and branded goods exposition area. The personalization area gives an opportunity to create car using the configurator. For the first time customers will be able to create a car and see it with the help of VR glasses as if in real life. For the highest level of customer service, the new dealer centres offer unique advantages: 10 courtesy cars, airport service and off-road track, so that every customer can be assured in the best Jaguar and Land Rover driving capabilities. Dealer centres also have areas to relax and work: children's room, a place for mother and child, barista bar and a comfortable lounge area.

Jaguar Land Rover services are provided by professional sales and service managers, who are regularly improving their professional level by means of Jaguar Land Rover Academy courses and Winner College training. Jaguar Land Rover customers will always feel confident and secure driving their cars.

Jaguar Land Rover new ARCH CI dealerships open a new page in brand development in Ukraine.

Welcome and enjoy the benefits of Jaguar Land Rover ARCH CI dealerships.

Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport
45 Kyivska Street
Chubynke Village, Kyiv Region (Boryspil highway)
044 202 11 11,

Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv West
2 Kiltseva Road
044 591 00 00,