For the first time Ukrainian engineers demonstrated their developments for the cars of the future


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September 20th, 2018, Kyiv – Ukrainian engineers from GlobalLogic, together with Winner Imports Ukraine, demonstrated to the public new automotive technologies and digital innovations for the transport of the future. For example, the solution for data transfer between smart cars, as well as computer vision system to help the drivers and navigate a stand-alone car.


GlobalLogic co-operates with many automotive brands and equipment suppliers. Ukrainian GlobalLogic engineers create hundreds of software solutions for information and entertainment systems (multimedia and navigation), data exchange between cars and the outside world, computer vision and advanced driver assistance systems on the move. All these solutions are complex software products, the development of which determines what a modern car today is.


"A modern car is a new smartphone. It can actually do the same as the phone make calls, connect to Wi-Fi and distinguish voice commands. An automobile becomes more like a software product. The software of the modern high-end vehicle has more than 100 million lines of code, to compare, Boeing 787 has just over 15 million. In the future, the software technology will determine what the car is," comments Andrey Yavorsky, VP Engineering, Strategic Initiatives, GlobalLogic.


Machine learning and computer vision technologies allow the car to see a picture of the area, understand its position in space and build maps that can be used for autonomous driving. GlobalLogic specialists believe that the computer vision technology is the core for autonomous driving purposes. Furthermore, Ukrainian engineers develop driver recognition systems to monitor a person’s condition while driving. These technologies also work on the image recognition systems basis.


"The next couple of years, the automotive industry will greatly transform, and we will be at the roots of those changes. With new technologies, the car will become not only a means of transportation, but also a place for sleep, work, a zone for communication and rest. The car of the future has the potential to become a serious competitor for long-haul air transportation," commented Artem Tkachenko, Brand Director of Volvo. According to Volvo 360 concept, the car of the future is a fully autonomous self-driving electric vehicle. It provides four possible options for car usage: a place for sleep, a mobile office, a living room and a place for entertainment. This approach changes the concept of the car as a means of transportation. New developments create new standards for safe interaction with other road users.

Intelligent cars, capable of communicating with each other, is another trend of the automobile industry and the cities of the future. The experience of participating in the construction of a smart city infrastructure in the US allows Ukrainian engineers to create their own prototype of a system for cars communications among themselves. The concept called Smart City is a system for communicating automotive computers between themselves and other elements of the road infrastructure based on the protocols V2V (car-car) and V2X (car-all around). This system allows to warn the driver in a timely manner about the road situation through signals from other cars (for example, it is approaching a transport or a road accident), and also effectively manages traffic flows and urban infrastructure on the basis of large data analysis.

Self-driving cars will enter the market in a few years. It should be noted that Ukrainian engineers make a significant contribution to the development of a software component of intelligent and autonomous cars today.



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