Philanthropy Today

«Winner» believes community support is its responsibility
as a good corporate citizen and is a testament to our long-term commitment to Ukraine's future.

Winner's philanthropic initiatives are focused on supporting children and families in Ukraine – two critical elements to our nation's Future.

Charitable programs

Each application is dealt with in detail by the committee formed by the members of the board of «Winner Group Ukraine»

The final acceptance of any charitable program will depend on the careful preparation and openness of the proposed action plan, as well as further reporting on the results of the program

«Winner» Philanthropy Mission

Winner’s charity mission is our philanthropy projects aimed at comprehensive support in three areas:

  • Healthcare, education and development of children and youth
  • Assistance to local communities, particularly villages close to Winner’s business locations
  • Arts patronage – preservation and enrichment of Ukraine’s cultural heritage

Examples of applications accepted for consideration by «Winner»

Purchase of medical equipment for hospitals whose activities are related to the protection of children and young people's health

Assistance in the implementation of charity funds initiatives

Local community support at addresses of company's offices location

Sports and educational development of children of Ukraine

«Winner» considers and provides charitable assistance only to non-profit organizations and works only with legal entities. The company does not provide personal support.

If you have an appropriate idea of how Winner can support the quality of life of disadvantaged children and families in Ukraine, we want to hear from you!

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