Consent for the processing of personal data

By signing this document I give consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with stated in this document purpose of the Automobile Manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as the “Manufacturer”), the Importer (Distributor) of Automobiles − the Limited Liability Company with Foreign Investments “Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd.”(hereafter referred to as “the Company”) and the official Dealers of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Official Dealers” and collectively the “Parties”),

The personal data obtained during the signing of this document may include: surname, name, patronymic, passport data, contact telephone number, email address, brand and model of the car, vehicle body number (VIN number), other data.

Personal data will be processed for the purpose of concluding and executing Contracts and other legal acts initiated by me, realization of rights and obligations of the Parties arising from the legal acts and/or requirements of the current legislation, conducting a test drive, performing other legal acts initiated by the Parties, ensuring the receipt of a guarantee, post-warranty and other services, ordering spare parts and accessories, registration of the history of orders and service, as well as information on obtaining car insurance services from partners of the Company and its Official Dealers, carrying out direct/indirect marketing events, including those pertaining to monitoring of the quality of services provided to me by the Company and/or its Official Service Dealers, consideration of complaints and proposals on my behalf , ensuring that information, which may be of interest to me to meet my needs, is brought to my attention, including information about special offers of the Company and its Official Dealers, ensuring the realization of other areas of relations and/or providing me with additional related services by the partners of the Manufacturer, the Company and/or its Official Dealers within the framework of contracts with partners that will require the processing of personal data pertaining to me in view of observance of legislative requirements, the terms of the agreements and/or other transactions, or for the realization of the rights, obligations and interests of the Parties.


By signing this document I testify and guarantee that:

– my personal data has been provided to the Manufacturer, the Company, and its Official Dealers voluntarily, by which I confirm the legality of their receipt; my personal information that was provided is reliable, and its composition, amount, content conform to the legislative requirements and the aforementioned purpose of its processing and agreements reached between the Parties ;

– the Company and Official Dealers have the right to carry out cross-border transmission of my personal data to the Manufacturer and its affiliates, as well as its subsidiaries and partners, in accordance with the purpose specified in the document, without having the need to notify me of each such incident;

– The Company as the owner of a personal database, which includes my personal data, has the right, in accordance with the legislative requirements, as well as concluded agreements, to transfer to the administrator (s) of personal databases the right to process such personal data of mine, included into this personal database within a specified purpose, and to delegate part of its authority in the field of personal data processing to, its Official Dealers;

– I confirm that the Company and its Official Dealers as of the date of my signing of this document have duly informed me of my rights, the goal of collecting and processing my personal data, as well as information about the location of the owners, the administrator and third parties, whereto his personal data may be transmitted for processing;

– The Company has the right to transfer audio recordings and other files obtained during the direct/indirect marketing events and containing my personal data, to its Official Dealers and the Manufacturer without the need for additional consent from me to perform such actions and without informing me about every case of such actions;

– The Manufacturer, the Company and its Official Dealers have the right to process my personal data indefinitely.