Winner cares about employees

The greatest value of our company is people.

Winner cares about employees

The greatest value of our company is people. Every Winner employee is a guarantee of success and the high results that we achieve together.

Therefore, the company guarantees the protection of employees’ rights and observance of the Labor Code of Ukraine, officially hires all employees and pays 100% of the salary officially.

For all Winners the company provides opportunities for development and training. Winner College is a large team of dedicated professionals who are committed to implement the most important changes for the company, which consist of improving the professional skills of each employee. It is Winner College that develops classroom and distance trainings, field trips, trips and meetings with interesting people. The college generates and embodies the ideas that contribute to the development and personal growth of the employees of Winner Group Ukraine.

To maintain employee health, each employee has an access to gym and swimming pool, as well as health insurance for the employee and family members. The Winner office also has a bicycle parking lot, and the dining room offers fresh lunches, including fresh vegetables, hot dishes, soups, which help the staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Equality and accessibility for all are very important to the company, so Winner is also employing professionals with disabilities. Also Winner employees become stars of the corporate magazine “Winner News” every half year.