Reconstruction has started!

On January 15, 2019, Winner signed an agreement announcing the beginning of reconstruction of Lviv Hospital neonatal department. The first stage of the reconstruction includes the creation of an architectural concept (sketch project).
Children and youth

An interesting fact is that the part of hospital’s facade was built during Austro-Hungarian period, which will be preserved as a historical value after the reconstruction. Moreover, this part of the building will receive its historical color.

The total area of the department to be reconstructed is more than 3700 sq. m.

Therefore, a lot of work is ahead – the preparation of all permits and approvals, as well as technical analysis of the construction. The reconstruction will include the replacement of all communications of the hospital, as well as close cooperation with doctors and medical technologist and chief architect to create a concept of the most modern European hospital for “pospishaiky” (“hurry up babies”) – this is how doctors kindly call newborns that were born prematurely.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Lviv Region State Administration and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
Stay tuned!