Ladyzhyn boarding school

Ladyzhyn children's boarding school №4 is located in Vinnytsia region, 7 km from the town of Ladyzhin, on the banks of Yuzhny Bug River. This school was established in 1994. The school is isolated from the city and there is only one road with bus transfer twice a day.
Children and youth

With Winner support the reconstruction of the School building was held.

Today, 146 children with disabilities, deep mental retardation, Down’s disease live in a boarding school. 70% of them are shut-in patients, who rarely leave hospital room. Children get here starting from the age 4 until the last days. The oldest patient is 32.
Everyday children need disposable diapers, changing linens, personal hygiene items. This is only a part of the problems that children and staff of this institution are facing.
With the financial support of Winner, the school building was renovated in 2013.