John Hynansky

CEO and owner of "Winner Group Ukraine"

By continuously improving the way of running
our business we have reached a fundamentally
different level which will benefit not only
our customers but also all our employees!

Life in "Winner"

Stability and development



1 billion

US dollars
of taxes
to the budget

> 120 000


> 1 500

including dealership

> 2 000

per year

Visit the "Winner" office, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the number
of smiles – that’s how we build our business: with smile and satisfaction.

The team of real winners

We are the team joined by common goal – to provide superior goods and service, to improve the quality of our clients' lives

The company provides employees with the best career opportunities to improve the lives of their team members.
Winner offers all the conditions for effective work and good leisure

Live in "Winner" means not only fascinating and inspirational work in a successful company, but also leisure and communication for the sake of creating a team spirit

We propose:

Corporate events,
as a part of building
a strong team:

• Christmas party for employees

• Summer picnic for employees and their families

• Other corporate events celebration

Regular informative
events for strategy, vision
and goals communication:

• Meetings of new employees with top management

• Leader forums for managers

• General meetings of all employees to report
achievements and goals for the next period

• Possibility of an individual meeting with the Chairman
of the Board on the initiative of the employee

Branched channels of internal communication with employees:

• Annual employee survey for understanding the steps of company improving

• Corporate quarterly magazine highlighting achievements of the company and individual teams over the past period and plans for the next

• On-line coworking system (collaborative work) to optimize reporting, work on projects and separate tasks

Entertainment and
sports events:

• Participation in auto quests

• Tennis, paintball and bowling competitions

Professional staff
is the key to our success!

If you want to become a part of our team,
please send your CV to

We will get back to you with our feedback if your CV passes
the first selection in the competition for one of the open vacancies.
Please understand that due to the high volume of emails, if your resume does not make it
through the first selection process, we are unable to individually notify you.

Advantages which make "Winner"
a dream workplace for you:

  • Interesting work in a stable company
  • Friendly working climate and sophisticated interior communications
  • Competitive official salary
  • Western management
  • Employee trainings, coaching and professional development
  • A modern office with a fitness center and a swimming pool for our employees and their families
  • Health insurance for the employees and their families
  • Life insurance for employees
  • Meal reimbursement
  • Corporate events, time buildings, sport competitions
  • Discount on vehicles, spare parts, and accessories of our brands
  • One-time financial assistance to our employees for wedding, birth of a child or loss of relatives

If you are a positive, energetic and decent person, with fluent
ukrainian and english (required for the majority of positions),
have excellent communication skills and desire to improve the team,
the company, the world – we are waiting for you

Stages for staff selection in our company:

CV screening

Interviews with HR Department
(Recruiter and Manager)

Interviews with
Line Supervisor and
Department Director

In "Winner" you may develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Administrative functions
  • Construction and maintenance of real estate
  • Logistics, customs and transportation departments
  • Finance and legal work
  • Staffing and training
  • IT
  • Vehicle sales
  • Aftersales (spare parts sales, service, warranty)
  • Customer experience and network development
  • Marketing

"Winner" is your victory