Вирушаєте в дорогу разом із колегами? Влаштуйте нараду! У цьому вам допоможе універсальний конференц-зал на колесах


  •  A face-to-face meeting is as effective as five video links, ten telephone calls or 20 emails

  •  But on the road, we often dial in to meetings – or avoid attending altogether

  •  Flexible format for new Tourneo Custom enables face-to-face meetings on the move

  •  Passenger seats can be arranged to face each other, each with individual USB ports

COLOGNE, Germany, July 24, 2017 – According to one study, business people rate face to face meetings to be worth five video conferences, ten telephone calls or 20 emails. And with many business travellers expecting to make more trips in the coming year, there is a clear benefit to ensuring time on the move is not wasted. * **

The new Tourneo Custom is the only people mover in its segment to offer six individual seats that can face each other, conference style – each with its own USB charging point. From brainstorming with colleagues to a one-on-one catch-up, seating can be quickly configured to provide a flexible, interactive workspace. 

“Journey time spent on the move with business associates can seem like ‘dead time’ – but not when your transport in a luxury conference room on wheels,” said Pete Reyes, vehicle line director, Ford of Europe. “With the new Tourneo Custom, business travellers will be able to more easily interact with their colleagues, a significant factor for time-pressed business people.”

Available to order later this year, the new nine-seater was developed following detailed research into how customers use their vehicles, and the seating features they value most. First introduced in 2013, the Tourneo Custom has a bold new front-end design, a completely new premium interior, and delivers superior levels of refinement and sophistication.

“It’s crucial in business to create windows of time for personal interaction. 90 per cent of cues are visual – so if you can travel face-to-face it’s an opportunity for real conversation, not just communication,” said Chris Lewis, author of bestselling book “Too Fast To Think” that explores the benefits of disengaging from electronics and connecting with business associates in person. ***

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*** Too Fast To Think: How to Reclaim Your Creativity in a Hyper-Connected Work Culture by Chris Lewis (Kogan Page)