Winner company holds a leading position among Ukrainian automotive importers

’By continuously improving the way of running our business we have reached a fundamentally different level which will benefit not only our customers but also all our employees’, John Hynyansky, Winner Group owner says.

Stability and development

Winner Imports Ukraine was one of the pioneers in development of Ukrainian import automotive market. Boasting almost 20 years of continuous success in this business today we have about 60 partner dealerships throughout Ukraine, an 8 thousand sq.m. Importer’s complex, almost 200 employees 99% of whom trust the company, and many employees who are with Winner  for more than 10 years. Visit the Winner office, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of smiles greeting you – that’s how we build our business: with smile and satisfaction.

Winner team

Winner is a place where everyone truly cares! The company cares about its employees, and employees care about the company, its development and success, because we all have the same goal to be the leading automotive importer in Ukraine. Having the high-quality products and professional team we always keep moving forward with great confidence. Our core is our spirit and traditions, our professional, active, and creative people who are empowered to realize their potential. We value and motivate our team. We have created all conditions for our employees to feel comfortable both working and relaxing with Winner.

Some of the advantages which make Winner a dream workplace for you:

           •    Interesting work in a stable company;
           •    Friendly working atmosphere and sophisticated internal communication;
           •    Competitive official salary;
           •    Western management;
           •    Employee trainings, coaching and professional development;
           •    A modern office with fitness center and swimming pool for employees and their families;
           •    Health insurance for employees and their families;
           •    Life insurance for employees;
           •    Meal reimbursement;
           •    Corporate events, teambuildings, sports competitions and contests;
           •    Discounts on vehicles, spare parts, and accessories of our brands; 
           •    One-time financial assistance to our employees for wedding, birth of a child or loss of relatives.



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